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Part Number : ProSense

Product Description:
ProSens is a new line of modern industrial devices, which integrates transmitters, displays, meters and controllers functionalities. Using the latest miniaturisation technologies these compact devices are able to be equipped with two independent universal inputs, two binary or two analogue outputs, as well as communication port RS-485 with Modbus protocol.

Within the ProSens range, models 200 and 400 have integrated temperature and relative humidity sensor. As well as an exceptionally wide working temperature range (-30 ÷ +120°C) they are also equipped with mathematical functions, which make it possible to transform measured values into others, e.g. to calculate dew point, sum or difference of two measured values.

A large built-in display and output signals mean that the ProSens units find applications in control systems. There are many industrial applications, where ProSens can act as stand-alone controller. It can also cooperate with master devices via Modbus protocol, being part of big network, which makes it perfect device for distributed monitoring system. 
Main Features:
  • 1 or 2 measuring channels available, with or without a probe
  • Integrated or cable probes made of 316L steel, used for temperature or temperature and humidity measurements
  • Replaceable filter made of PTFE or 316L mesh, 25 μm
  • Universal inputs of a very wide spectrum of analogue signal types (I, U, RTD, TC)
  • Binary and analogue outputs for indicating and controlling (1 or 2 E REL, I, U)
  • Very clear 2.9’’ LCD display
  • Indication of 1, 2, or 4 parameters on one screen
  • Individual descriptions of measuring channels
  • 3 Optional elaboration of personalised graphic units, displayed at measurements (e.g.: m , l/h, kPa, °F, etc.)
  • Standard equipment: RS-485 Modbus RTU interface for integration with superordinate visualisation or control systems
  • Device configuration performed by means of local buttons, optional remote controller or free S-Config 2 software
  • Operating temperature: -30°C ÷ +80°C
  • IP rate protection: IP 67 (version without display), IP 65 (version with display) 


Download product brochure for the technical information.


Areas of Application:
  • food processing industry
  • building HVAC automation
  • warehouses, cold rooms
  • glasshouses, breeding
  • factories and manufacturing
  • museums, archives, galleries
  • server rooms, air-conditioned rooms
  • weather stations 

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Part Number : ProSense